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OsmoDock System

OsmoDock System is a water treatment system which use reverse osmosis technology to purify water from the dock into pure water. Differently from water softeners, the reverse osmosis eliminates 98% of the salts present, producing water with a very low salt concentration. The purified water from the OsmoDock System allows you to wash the yacht without limestone spots, and protects from scaling the other system on board that normally use fresh water.

Technical features

sRisorsa 1 Production Voltage Power consumption Weight (kg)
Lit/h Lit/giorno Gal/giorno
OsmoDock System 30 300 7200 1902,2 230/400 VAC 550 W 50
OsmoDock System 75 700 16800 4438,6 230/400 VAC 750 W 70

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