Housekeeper line softeners

Cabinet Clack 25 - 1"

Housekeeper line softeners

Cabinet Clack 25 - 1"

Cabinet water softener for the elimination of hardness (Calcium and Magnesium) from water. The plant is equipped with a digital volumetric valve for managing the regeneration phases of ion exchange resins.


In our homes, most of the problems with technological systems such as boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, solar panels, etc. are caused by hard water. The hardness is linked to the presence of calcium and magnesium. The hardness is linked to the presence of calcium and magnesium. These salts precipitate forming scale. Hard water is also responsible for suffering from hair and skin, felted linen, use of large quantities of detergent and high energy bills. The water softener is a system that eliminates the salts responsible for hardness, eliminating all the problems related to it. These plants are in compliance with the Decree of the Ministry of Health n. 443 of 12/21/1990 and subsequent amendments.

Softener management valve

1″ Electronic Valve with timed and volume regeneration start which can be used for softening. The operating parameters are completely programmable in order to optimize the system from all points of view. Up to 9 phases can be set per regenerative cycle and the hardness is programmable in both ppm and °F. All operating data and service history are stored in a non-volatile memory and can be recalled at any time for system analysis. Integrated Clack resin disinfection system. Valve body: Noryl®

Technical features

Max flow rate (m3)​ 1.25
Exchange capacity (m3)/°F 125
Salt consumption for regeneration (kg) 3.75
IN/OUT connections 1”
Salt vat volume (l) 75
Power 230V‑50Hz
Electrical absorption 9,5 Watt
Min-max operating pressure (bar) 1.5 – 6
Dimensions (w x d x h) cm - Contains resins 32x50x114

Water Softener


Boating line

Excellent nautical facilities

Industrial line

Uncompromising efficiency

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Cabinet Clack 25 – 1″

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Cabinet Clack 25 – 1″