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Filtering systems

Filtering systems

Multi cartridge filters in stainless steel

Multi cartridge filters in stainless steel, consisting of two shells, with funds molded crowns, made of sheet steel stainless and joined by two welded flanges, with one interposed toroidal elastomer seal. The flanges are tightened by a special closure Clamp type. Inside the shell a septum is welded below separation, in stainless steel, for the support and packaging of the filter cartridges. Equipped with n. 3 legs of support, inlet and outlet sleeves, vent valve, inlet and outlet pressure gauges, drain valve.
Filtering systems

Multi cartridge filter entirely in PVC

Multi cartridge filter entirely in PVC – U for a high corrosion resistance, with flanged top opening, EPDM sealing gasket, air valve, pressure gauges entry and exit and valve drainage. Compliant with the European Directive 2014/68/EU for pressure vessels (PED).
Filtering systems

Pre Multilayer Sand Filters

Pre Multilayer Sand Filters with variable grain size, reinforced VTR cylinder and integrated backwash system. Equipped with a stainless steel structure for base or wall mounting with the option of integrating the sea water pump.
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Filtering systems

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Filtering systems