In recent years many companies in various sectors have increasingly paid attention to the quality of water used in production processes. Some issues that were previously associated with the production technology or human error, or even more to the quality of biotechnology used during processing, are now associated with water quality. The applications that will make this are varied but the importance of the quality is common to all the processing phases.

The problems caused by poor water quality can be divided into problems of chemical and microbiological nature problems. The water with a high content of salts, in time, deteriorates significantly metals, clogged nozzles or pipes of small caliber, solid deposits in the heat exchangers by lowering the exchange capacity, with the consequent increase in the energy requirement for the lengthening of the times of heating and cooling, release unpleasant tastes.

The microbiologically polluted water does, however, more on the individual processes of processing and packaging in the food industry.
With a reverse osmosis plant all the problems described above can be resolved. These systems allow, in fact, to perform certain adjustments in such a way as to give to the customer with a water physico – chemical characteristics different depending on the processing phases.