For over a decade Osmosea® has been steadfastly dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of desalination systems to obtain potable, drinkable water by reverse osmosis for marine and landbased residential and industrial use. In just a short time, we have become synonomous with reliability and quality in both the international and Italian domestic markets.

Our primary objective at Osmosea® is the absolute satisfaction of the technical and functional needs of our customers. We are dedicated to a precise production process and personalized customer service and technical support. Our commitment to the research of materials and technology development ensures that Osmosea® products stand out for their uniqueness and innovation.

And all this allows us to to provide a range of superior quality desalination watermaker systems that meet the needs of any type of Yacht: Watermakers with Energy Recovery for small and medium boats and Watermakers for Mega and Super Yachts.